måndag 25 augusti 2008


Sometimes you wake up in the morning and immediately you know that this is going to be a very good day.

This is one of those days for me and the main reason to that feeling is what I found in my mail box:
This utterly cute bag, a gift from my dear friend Rascal Kosher!
She knows exactly what I love. Red and white, stripes, polka dots and bows.
Thank you darling, you made my day!
(I borrowed the picture from you, I hope that's alright).
If you fell in love with it a much as I did you can buy one for your self at her vintage auctions.

Opal brooch

I just got this beautiful brooch. Pretty, isn't it?

fredag 22 augusti 2008

Lane Bryant scans

I recently came across some lovely scans from vintage Lane Bryant catalogs.
LB is one of Americas leading retailers of plus size clothing and they have been around since about 1910.
Click for larger pictures.
These are from the fall/winter season of 1953.

And this is the summer of 1936.

torsdag 21 augusti 2008

Seamed tights

Is there anything more classic and feminine than stockings with a backseam? Unfortunately not all of us find it to be the most practical kind of hosiery to use for everyday wear.
Thighs rubbing together, garter belts deciding to give up with a *pop* just when you reach for a bottle of milk in the grocery store...

Let's face it, sometimes plain ol' tights is a little bit more...reliable.

And now I have find the answer to all my prayers: seamed tights!
The english webshop TightsPlease is now offering 20 denier black tights with backseam, avaliable in sizes up to XXL.
Do I have to say I ordered a few pairs?

onsdag 20 augusti 2008

Leyla Rose

I got myself a new plus size icon!

Her name is Leyla Rose and she is a well known, talented brittish burlesque artist. Visit her website here.
Is'nt she just gorgeous?


I am the proud Mommy of a most adorable scottish terrier puppy named Raglan Reform Club; Viggo to his friends.
As you may already know scottish terriers was very popular in the 40's and 50's. Many actors ( for example Shirley Temple and Humphrey Bogart) and writers had one of the furry little friends and pinup artists as Gil Elvgren frequently included a scottie or two in their pictures. Why they did is not too hard to understand. The scottie is a very perky, joyful dog always up for new tricks and adventures!
This picture by Gil Elvgren named "Finders Keepers" from 1945 explains a lot..

tisdag 19 augusti 2008

Bettie bracelet

Today I got this pretty Battie Page bracelet. It is from Winky & Dutch but I don't hink they make them anymore?

Any way, I bought it from Bust Magazine's Boobtique for only 24$ which for me is pretty decent (but no bargain) considering that I have seen sites where it costs up to 56$ plus shipping!

Plus size shops

Being a plus size gal ( and not WW2 iration time slim..) is not always easy to find pretty and well made retro inspired clothes. I have a few favourites places that I thought I would share:

How Cool stocks some of Heartbreaker Fashion's cute dresses and shrugs up to size 3X.

One can not talk about good plus size stores without mentioning Mode Merr! All their clothes goes from XXS to XXXL. Dresses, pencil skirts, skirt suits..oh my

Psychos Revenge is an Ebay store that has some of the most wonderful femme fatale / burlesque inspired dresses I have ever seen. Avaliable in a range of patterns as leopard, cherries, gingham, polka dots...the list can go on forever. Sizes range from small to 4XL.

Starlets And Harlets has a wide selection of dresses in all kinds of designs in sizes small to 3X. They also got the cutest aprons från Carolyn's Kitchen!

As Betty Lou kindly suggested, My Baby Jo is a fab store with a wide selection of clothes and accessories. Check out their undergarments for longline bras and corselettes up to a size 40D!

Got any more suggestions? Drop me a line and I put the link up here!

Key to my heart

After reading Vintage Darling's heads-up about this necklace I could not resist so I ordered one right away. Is'nt it lovely?