tisdag 19 augusti 2008

Plus size shops

Being a plus size gal ( and not WW2 iration time slim..) is not always easy to find pretty and well made retro inspired clothes. I have a few favourites places that I thought I would share:

How Cool stocks some of Heartbreaker Fashion's cute dresses and shrugs up to size 3X.

One can not talk about good plus size stores without mentioning Mode Merr! All their clothes goes from XXS to XXXL. Dresses, pencil skirts, skirt suits..oh my

Psychos Revenge is an Ebay store that has some of the most wonderful femme fatale / burlesque inspired dresses I have ever seen. Avaliable in a range of patterns as leopard, cherries, gingham, polka dots...the list can go on forever. Sizes range from small to 4XL.

Starlets And Harlets has a wide selection of dresses in all kinds of designs in sizes small to 3X. They also got the cutest aprons från Carolyn's Kitchen!

As Betty Lou kindly suggested, My Baby Jo is a fab store with a wide selection of clothes and accessories. Check out their undergarments for longline bras and corselettes up to a size 40D!

Got any more suggestions? Drop me a line and I put the link up here!

5 kommentarer:

Little Rascal sa...

That black and white striped dress is fab!
Looks a bit like the bag I gave you on your birthday.
I found the same bag but in red and white, sold one on Tradera last night.

That leopard printed bolero is one of my projects at the moment, I started last night making one myself.

I'm so glad you're here!

Miss Wink sa...

Every gal needs a leopard print bolero, don't you think?

The striped one is acctually an apron! I am dying to get one, they are so cute.

I'm so glad to be here!

Betty Lou sa...

check out my baby jo ;D

Miss Wink sa...

Oh, how could I forget My Baby Jo?
Thank you Betty Lou!

K.K. sa...

Glad to see there are some vivacious pinup girls in Sweden! Well actually I'm SURE there are! I'm originally from Germany but opened a Pinup Clothing shop in California. I loove that Glamour Shrug by Heartbreaker Fashion too! Good taste my dear! A big HEJ from sunny LA! Kea