söndag 7 september 2008

Bad manners

What is up with the lack of manners these days?
People seem to forget how to be just common everday polite to one another. I always says little things like "thank you", "please", "excuse me", "oh, I'm sorry" and flash a smile.
You come a long way with that. And it's for free and does not hurt at all!

I'm so sick and tired of having grocery carts bumping in to my heels without their driver even noticing or apologizing, teens (and adults!) not offering their seats to elderly/pregnant passengers, having gum stuck on my dress because some idiot didn't have the common decency to use the trash can and doors being smashed in someone's face because the person before them didn't bother to look behind him.

Also, learn to tolerate and appreciate politeness. Some people look almost intimidated when I'm very grateful and tell them how much I appreciate their help - they are not used to it!
That's just awful and need to be prevented.

Please hold up doors, give people a smile even if you feel like crap, say "thank you" and "have a nice day", learn your kids how to treat people nice and don't be afraid to say something kind to a complete stranger. Say "good morning" instead of just "hey" or "hallo", I imagine the world could be a little bit nicer place then.

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2 kommentarer:

Betty Lou sa...

tacka vet jag London. åh vad trevliga folk är där. sthlmare är väldigt otrevliga, finns vissa undantag men dom är få.

Heather sa...

I have to agree, manners are a thing of the past it seems, and that is really sad, once thing that really bothers me are people lack of response to party invites. If I send you and invite the least you could do is pick up the damn phone or write and email and tell me youi canno't make it, how completely rude is it when I have to call all the people on my invite list because I didn't get a response? Then they say, "well you KNOW I am coming" are you FREAKING serious??? ARGH!! That just burns me!!