fredag 19 september 2008

TCM - finally

Today I found out that I can add a channel to my tv subscription (that's included in the monthly fee to our tenant-ownership association ) for only 29 SEK /month. Of course I choose TCM*!
So now I can watch all those wonderful vintage and classic movies, yay!
Can't wait to watch Humphrey Bogart for breakfast..
This reminds me of last month when a man from another cable company called and offered me a supscription of a random filmchannel. I said "no thank you" and he asked if I though they showed too many old movies?
I replied "No, too many new and awful!"

*Turner Classic Movies is a cable television channel featuring 24 hour a day only commercial-free classic movies from the 30's and forward.

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Betty Lou sa...

bästa kanalen! ibland ser jag 2 filmer på raken, ibland 3