fredag 31 oktober 2008

Back from the break

I have had a little bit of a blogbreak since I have had so much to do this week! Work, finishing an article for a new magazine I will be working for (more about that soon), keeping the house clean and the fridge full. Also my boyfriend's 30th birthday is coming up and we will have a small cheese & wine party. A small party is not necessarily less demanding to plan than a large one..

So I'm making lists of what food and drinks to buy, guests to invite, decorations (very important), coordinate people's gifts and flowers....
I love being a hostess!

From Betsy With Love is this weekend featuring Miss Wink as one the new blogs on her blogroll!
Thank you darling!

Now I'm gonna make tandoori chicken while I listen to the lovely Ruby Ann.
Have a wonderful weekend!

torsdag 23 oktober 2008

Sweet Wednesday

Yesterday I went to Stockholm with my oldest sister to watch the new swedish vampire movie "Let The Right One In" at promotion screening at the old Park cinema theather, opened in 1941. It still looks beautiful!

The movie was quite alright, but as usual I like the book more. Before the movie I went to Swahili Bob's Tattoo Parlor and made a reservation for a new tattoo. I'm so excited! Roger, the brave soldier who's gonna do it, is a really good artist and I have complete faith in him. The motif is a little secret, but it's gonna be classic old-school and lots of color.

I also bought a DVD box with a couple of favourites from my child hood, the Hillman movies! They were one of my first experiences with horror/thrillers and scared me so much I couldn't sleep as a 8 yeard old, watching them with my father. They are all directed by the famous Arne Mattsson in the late 50's and early 60's, murder mysteries with some supernatural and scary segments. Karl-Arne Holmsten, the swedish Cary Grant, is the private detective who investigates all the murders along with his wife Kajsa. This is a real treat for everyone who loves vintage movies!

fredag 17 oktober 2008

My best boy

Today I treat my lovely readers with this picture of my scottish terrier puppy Viggo, 6 pounds of pure love.

Picture by Mia Sandgren

tisdag 14 oktober 2008


I just found these lovely dungarees at Rockabilly Rules! Look at the sailor buttons on the side!
Comes in dark blue stretch denim and in all sizes up to XXL.


My wishlist at the moment:

- afford to go to England to visit my lovely Rascal and go shopping, having tea and gossip with her

- have the guts to do what I really want in life ( which is several things, but at least I want to have done some of them)

- change the horrible brown 70's carpet in the kitchen to scheckerboard black & white

- that my mother's back get better soon so she won't have anymore pain and can walk more

- a ring on my finger would be nice..

fredag 10 oktober 2008

Oh Dorothy..

While I pursue some exorcism to evict the last demons of flu from my poor body, I drool over these coats and a dress from Dorothy Perkins!

And I'm also a little bit in love with these barettes from Lindex:

tisdag 7 oktober 2008

Called in sick

The blog is on a little break since I've come down with a terrible flu.

I spend most of my time in bed with a cup of chai tea and crime novels. I'll be back soon!

xxx /Miss Wink

lördag 4 oktober 2008

Country Market

This Wednesday we had our annual Country Market. The rain was pouring down so we did not stay for much long, but at least I got to buy some cheese from a local dairy, roasted almonds and this beautiful hat from the german brand Seebergers:

Then we went home and cuddle up under a warm blanket and watched horror movies while treating ourselves with roasted almonds.

onsdag 1 oktober 2008

Orange and black and buttons - oh my!

The latest addition to the Miss Wink wardrobe; a 40's inspired top from Queen of Heartz, bought from My Baby Jo. I just adore the little orange buttons!
It's avaliable up to size 3X.