fredag 31 oktober 2008

Back from the break

I have had a little bit of a blogbreak since I have had so much to do this week! Work, finishing an article for a new magazine I will be working for (more about that soon), keeping the house clean and the fridge full. Also my boyfriend's 30th birthday is coming up and we will have a small cheese & wine party. A small party is not necessarily less demanding to plan than a large one..

So I'm making lists of what food and drinks to buy, guests to invite, decorations (very important), coordinate people's gifts and flowers....
I love being a hostess!

From Betsy With Love is this weekend featuring Miss Wink as one the new blogs on her blogroll!
Thank you darling!

Now I'm gonna make tandoori chicken while I listen to the lovely Ruby Ann.
Have a wonderful weekend!

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