tisdag 4 november 2008


Alright, so I'm gonna open up a little online flea market..
Basically because I got soo much things that really would love to have a new owner and also because I would like to offer my home made hairclips and other neat things I make.
At first I thought about making a simple little website but I'm really terrible bad at making pages. Then I thought "Hey, I can just make posts at my blog and mark them as flea market!". But that's a little bit boring, right? And not easy to navigate either.
What should I do? If I only knew someone who hade the skills and time to build a little website.
*sigh* I have to think about this and find a solution.

Update: ....and Rascal gave me a great solution. Thank you, honey!

6 kommentarer:

Little Rascal sa...

Why don't you create a new photo album on Myspace and tell the price for every item and also that you accept payment through PayPal.
Why go through all the hassle if you don't really have to?

Or why not start selling stuff on Etsy?
As long as it's vintage or handmade it's OK.

Miss Wink sa...

What should I do without you?
I'm so happy that at least one of us got a brain ;)

You're totally right, I don't have to make this harder than it has to be!

Betty Lou sa...

oh ge länken sen!

Little Rascal sa...

Jag gor mitt basta. :)

Nostalchic sa...

Vad kul det ska bli att se vad du gör för fina saker, jag älskar sånt.

beyondsizes sa...

Som grädden på moset är du utmanad på min blogg, kram!