onsdag 19 november 2008

Read my movie column!

(Sorry about the terrible picture)
Remember that I had a little secret I was dying to tell you all? Well, here it is!

The column Miss Winks Cinematique is now reality in the amazing Fräuleinwunder Magazine. The ad for the new issue says "Miss Winks Cinematique whisks you away into the world of teenage delinquent movies.."
That's right, I'm writing about vintage movies and everything related! I'm so excited!!

Be sure to get yours at their website, Sivletto or HepCat!

In issue #2: Miss Bad Valentine introduces you to our latest flame Bloodshot Bill, extra 12 pages special feature about Berlin including a complete shopping and barhopping guide, Micky chats with The White Barons - punkrock heroes from San Francisco, Pinky Paradise and Sweetness show you how to do your hair in perfect pinup style, Tura Satana, sweet& deadly art by Candy Cane, dress up like a show girl with Burlesque Couture, another episode of Between the Sheets with Eva von Slut, Miss Winks Cinematique whisks you away into the world of teenage delinquent movies, some crafting fun with Soda Shop Sue, stylish Must Haves and lots more a bombshell needs to to know…It’s all about attitude!

"Fräuleinwunder" is a magazine for all those lovely "Fräuleins", Bombshells, Pinups, Rock'n Roll-girls, Burlesque Queens out there! We are all into Kustom Kulture, Low Brow Art, PinUps, Photography, Tattoos and of course any kind of Rock'n Roll. Here you will find the hottest accessoires, the coolest bands, features about the best carshows and most amazing artists, gorgeous chicks with fine cars... It's all about attitude!
Everything in English and on heavy matte paper!"

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Betty Lou sa...

oj grattis! jag hann aldrig köpa första numret men ska försöka med det andra.