söndag 30 november 2008

"Give me a call, princess...."

I wonder if I can manage to live one more day without this?
Crosley's "Princess Phone"! A wonderful replica of the classic phone launched by AT&T in 1959.
When I get around to buy one I will play 50's secretary all day long!

6 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

vilken utsökt telefon, vi har en cobra hemma men denna är sötare på alla sätt och vis. Vart hittar man en sådan?

Little Rascal sa...

OH G*D! Jag tror fan jag kom! :))

Little Rascal sa...

BTW, come over on Friday to celebrate my birthday, we're going to see Slim Slip, you would loooove Greg, the singer, he's a very sexy fella and he's very nice too. :)

*wild wishes*

Miss Wink sa...

Beyondsizes: You can get it at www.missjuniversum.se!

Rascal: Oh behave... ;)
I don't understand why you areconstantly trying to match me up with some english rockabilly guy? ;P

Betty Lou sa...

åh en blå en vill jag gärna ha

Mrs Munster sa...

That's is just so adorable. I want one! (and I can imagine how high telephone bills I wound end up having)