onsdag 10 december 2008

X-mas Contest!

Miss Wink is having a little christmas contest and you are all invited!
I know there are so many talented and creative ladies out there so I thought I should give you a fun little challenge.

Make a banner for the Miss Wink blog! No limits, go crazy!
It will be placed on top of the index page and huge credit will be given to the creator.
First price is two books in gift wrapping, "50's Fashion" and "Queens of Burlesque".

The contest ends on December 20th at 08.00 PM. Contributions should be send to ingrid.sigfridsson(a)gmail.com


3 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

this sounds like fun, i think i might join in

Little Rascal sa...

Can I do more than one?
I got tons of ideas. :D

Miss Wink sa...

Rascal, of course you can silly!