lördag 31 januari 2009

For summer

My new wedges! Got them for almost nothing and I love the color.
Since I can't walk very well in high heels, wedges is my saviours!

onsdag 28 januari 2009

Itsy bitsy, teeny weeny...

Who can get enough of dots? Not me!
I just found the this little polka dot bikini at Lindex!
A halterneck balconette bra and panties with cinch tie on the sides. How cute isn't it?

måndag 26 januari 2009

Ink my feet

I'm constantly making new plans for more ink and I really want to have my feet done. But I'm not sure what I want. The "Mom&Dad" theme will be done on my arm, but I really like old-school roses and horse shoes.
I'm sure I will come up with something since my head is bursting with ideas. Until then, here's some inspiration.

lördag 24 januari 2009

And the winner is.....

.... Sandra C. aka SandyDeLuxe!
Congratulations honey, I hope you will enjoy your movies.

There will be more give-aways soon, keep your eyes open.

fredag 23 januari 2009

Hurry up, kids!

Just a couple of hours left!

Make sure you drop me a line and take part in my big give-away!

torsdag 22 januari 2009

Vincent Price wants YOU to join!

Yes, it's time for another contest at Miss Wink's.

What's in the pot this time?
One of my favourite things: vintage movies!

The film noir gem "Fallen Angel" (1945), horror classic "House on Haunted Hill" with the gentleman villain Vincent Price (1959), Vincent Price also starrs in the noir drama "Shock" (1946). Let's go on with the horror in "White Zombie" with Bela Lugosi (1932) and a delicate murder-mystery in "The Bat" (1959) with Vinent Price once again.

It's really simple. Just drop me an e-mail with "Movies" in the subject line to ingrid.sigfridsson(a)gmail.com.
That's it. No quiz, no duties - just a simple little e-mail.

Dead line for participation is January the 24th, so hurry up! The winner will be announced the next day on the blog and will be noified by e-mail and asked to send the address.
I do ship worldwide!

Don't forget to read my movie column Miss Wink's Cinematique in Fräuleinwunder Magazine!

A little note: all movies are on original DVD region 2 execpt "Fallen Angel" which is region 1. Be sure that you are able to play those regions on your player or computer.
All movies are in english spoken language with no subtitles except "Fallen Angel" which got english and spanish subtitles.

onsdag 21 januari 2009

Bye, bye kitchen

I miss my old kitchen in the last apartment I lived in. It was so cute and just my style.
But at least I still got the dinette and my Creature From The Black Lagoon poster and soon I will have checkerboard floor again!

tisdag 20 januari 2009

My best friend

This is quite amazing.

I met this briliant, smart, funny and sweet girl online back in October 2004 on a random community. It all began with me asking her where she had bought her cool Psycho-themed shower curtain. Well, the rest is history.

We have been friends since then, but never actually met or talked to each other (the Internet and traditional mail is a wonderful thing) until today when she called me to share a vegan muffin recipe.
And the cool thing is that it felt like we had been talking like that a million times.

Little Rascal, I can't wait to see you!

"You naughty girl! Why did it take you so long to call me?"

måndag 19 januari 2009

Pandora's Choice

I died and went to lingerie heaven.....!

No, I did not actually die but I just discovered Pandoras Choice, a goldmine for those who love pinups, burlesque and retro lingerie.
You can literary find anything here: corsets, bloomers, garter belts, bullets bras (and pads), long line bras, ruffled panties, stockings, 1940's swimsuits, cute little compact mirrors... you name it. I even found a stocking hanger!

They also got a retro lingerie guide that sorts out the different types of underwear and have their goods well categorized. The owner, Jayne, is a total sweetheart.
And the best part is that they do cater to the full figured woman! Yes, sizes up to a 44 inch waist or a dress size 20. Even corselet girdles available in up to 52F bust size.
Pandoras Choice, Miss Wink salutes you!

söndag 18 januari 2009

What will I do with this year?

Yes, I know it's almost a month since New Years Eve... and that's why I've waited to write down my 2009-list. This is not some kind of cheese New Years promises at all.

It's just a few words about things I hope to maintain, do, remember, try harder or keep working on during this year.

* Take more time to relax and watch more movies.

* Skip eating red meat.

* Keep working out and go swimming twice a week.

* Be more creative.

* Get a lot more tattoos.

* Start sewing clothes and not just things to the house.

* Say "no" to things I don't have time for/want to do.

* Don't let anyone with bad energy come close to me.

* Visit
Little Rascal in England (it's about time!).

Hello Sailor

I love my new braclet! It's the "Sink or Swim"-bracelet (also called "Siren's Song") from Hush Hush Accessories. Be sure to take a look at their stuff, they got so much goodies!

lördag 17 januari 2009

Turn it on!

Crosley makes the most beautiful reproductions of vintage radios, telephones and jukeboxes with modern functions. One of those turn tables would make even me start to do the jive!

A few of my favourites:

torsdag 15 januari 2009

Retro & rockabilly weddings!

I just love retro- and rockabilly inspired weddings!
Take a look at Offbeat Bride and get inspired by the gorgeous brides (and grooms, of course) there and all the cool arrangements. I got stuck there for hours....

Beatrix Potter

Ever since my mother brought home a little trinket box with Peter Rabbit on from England when I was 5 or 6 years old, I've loved the books and illustrations made by Beatrix Potter. I really have a weak spot for such things as fairy tales, fables and the English countryside.
I would love to collect all things Potter, but I already collect too many things. I have no room for it... but on the other hand, one little Benjamin Bunny figurine wouldn't hurt no one, right?

onsdag 14 januari 2009


My latest obesession: saddle shoes!
I really want to find a nice classic pair to wear with all my cute skirts when spring comes.

söndag 11 januari 2009

Luxury in gold

Treated myself today with some budget luxury! A gold satin pj for only 99SEK (aprox. $12). Now I can walk around the house pretending to be Ava Gardner all day long...

lördag 10 januari 2009

Old Lane Bryant ads

I just found these cute vintage ads from Lane Bryant catalogs.