torsdag 1 januari 2009

10 stupid little things you might not know about me

I own a screen printed limited edition John Waters poster autographed by JW himself (no. 27 of 50)

I dream about being a plus size pinup-model or burlesque performer.. *sigh*

I curse like a sailor

I reject prejudice of any kind

I get jelly knees of guys with old school tattoos

I love being strong and independent, yet get treated like a lady

I have not met my best friend in real life yet, even if we been friends for several years now

My piercing in my tounge has never closed up even if it was 2 years since I removed the barbell

I walk or bicycle everywhere I go, even when I do my weekly grocery shopping

I dream about getting married in Las Vegas

3 kommentarer:

Mrs Munster sa...

Wow. John Waters poster with autograph! That's awesome. I'm amazed how your tonguepiercing hasn't closed. Mine closed with in an hours when I took it off!

Rapunzel sa...

Just discovered your blog and am loving it, look forward to many more visits!

Miss Wink sa...

Thank you Rapunzel!