onsdag 21 januari 2009

Bye, bye kitchen

I miss my old kitchen in the last apartment I lived in. It was so cute and just my style.
But at least I still got the dinette and my Creature From The Black Lagoon poster and soon I will have checkerboard floor again!

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Anonym sa...

Vilket underbart kök, älskar ditt bord och dina stolar. Vart kan man få tag på sånt fint, inte i Sverige väl;)


fröken lila sa...

i think there should be - removable - foliage for kitchenfronts available at for example bauhaus and stores like that. a friend of mine got herself a black and white checkered kitchenfront that way as she found the white doors far too boring. that may be something for you and your kitchen (even though i don't know what it looks like..).
the table and chairs are amazing!!

Miss Wink sa...

Hör och häpna; de är köpta på Ellos för en herrans massa år sedan!


Miss Wink sa...

Fröken lila: that's a great idea!
My current kitchen is very small but cozy. It has light beige doors and a horrible 70's carpet that will be thrown out soon.

schmut sa...

förbannat snyggt kök. just att skåpen ser ut att vara blanka och inte ha en matt finish.
mitt förra hade puderrosa luckor och jag saknar det fortfarande

Mrs Munster sa...

That kitchen is just too adorable. I love the poster. I've been wanting to get same style floor but bit concern it'll make my small kitchen to look even smaller.

Aurélie Muller sa...

ooh this kitchen, it's my dreeaamm!
love love love

Little Rascal sa...

Ohhh, Mark would SO love that kitchen!
I love your dinette, it's exactly like our dark blue dinette but that one I hate.

PiaMarianne sa...

Simply gorgeous, i´d love a kitchen like that!!