måndag 26 januari 2009

Ink my feet

I'm constantly making new plans for more ink and I really want to have my feet done. But I'm not sure what I want. The "Mom&Dad" theme will be done on my arm, but I really like old-school roses and horse shoes.
I'm sure I will come up with something since my head is bursting with ideas. Until then, here's some inspiration.

4 kommentarer:

Sandy De Luxe sa...

Ojoj, jag tycker det är såå fint med tatueringar på fötterna. Särskilgt svalor, fjärilar och rosor, de där klassiskt kvinnliga motiven liksom. Det skulle jag också vilja ha men det fungerar inte riktigt i mitt jobb tyvärr. Mitt nästa projekt är resten av ryggen, skuldrorna vill säga.
Lycka till!

i want one so badly sa...

Dear Miss Wink,

something keeps drawing me to your blog, and it really shouldn't

I come on, and i'm greeted by very pretty women who seem to have lost their clothes, now this?? feet??

people'll start talking soon. please post less about underwear before I get a reputation (i'm already a known womaniser, but this is taking it a bit too far, deary me) - instead you could post about your favourite colours or if you have any pets (I don't even know if you have any pets, these pictures are distracting me from the words)

and another thing, I have a peter rabbit money box, and a winnie the pooh money box - my peter the rabbit one is where I put my money when i'm saving for something

Heather sa...

Oh! I like the sparrows! Very cool!

beyondsizes sa...

ja tycker tatueringarna på foto i mitten var jättesöta det blir min favorit.