tisdag 20 januari 2009

My best friend

This is quite amazing.

I met this briliant, smart, funny and sweet girl online back in October 2004 on a random community. It all began with me asking her where she had bought her cool Psycho-themed shower curtain. Well, the rest is history.

We have been friends since then, but never actually met or talked to each other (the Internet and traditional mail is a wonderful thing) until today when she called me to share a vegan muffin recipe.
And the cool thing is that it felt like we had been talking like that a million times.

Little Rascal, I can't wait to see you!

"You naughty girl! Why did it take you so long to call me?"

1 kommentar:

Little Rascal sa...

Now you make me sniffle a bit. :))