måndag 19 januari 2009

Pandora's Choice

I died and went to lingerie heaven.....!

No, I did not actually die but I just discovered Pandoras Choice, a goldmine for those who love pinups, burlesque and retro lingerie.
You can literary find anything here: corsets, bloomers, garter belts, bullets bras (and pads), long line bras, ruffled panties, stockings, 1940's swimsuits, cute little compact mirrors... you name it. I even found a stocking hanger!

They also got a retro lingerie guide that sorts out the different types of underwear and have their goods well categorized. The owner, Jayne, is a total sweetheart.
And the best part is that they do cater to the full figured woman! Yes, sizes up to a 44 inch waist or a dress size 20. Even corselet girdles available in up to 52F bust size.
Pandoras Choice, Miss Wink salutes you!

3 kommentarer:

Brook sa...

off to go check it out!

Mrs Munster sa...

That stocking hanger is so adorable not to mention all the fab lingerie!

Abigail sa...

I just picked up a Kiss Me Deadly from What Katy Did!