fredag 9 januari 2009

Swim Caps II

Thanks to my lovely friend Helene, I have found the perfect swim caps! has dozens of cute retro inspired caps in millions of colours. Take a look, they have ridiculous low prices and reasonable shipping too.

I'm getting this one in light pink (just $7.99!)

And this in black and pink!

3 kommentarer:

Mrs Munster sa...

Those floral ones are just too cute!

Nadia Domingos sa...

how i would love to have one! can't find anywhere. i'll probably do one then!
:) they are too cute

Matthew sa...

Caps for swimming are necessary because of several reasons. There is a wrong notion that others may think that swimmers wear one in order to keep their hair dry. They can be beneficial in order to protect the hair from chlorine in the swimming pools. It also keeps long hair out of the face especially for female swimmers.

Triathlon Swim Caps