torsdag 22 januari 2009

Vincent Price wants YOU to join!

Yes, it's time for another contest at Miss Wink's.

What's in the pot this time?
One of my favourite things: vintage movies!

The film noir gem "Fallen Angel" (1945), horror classic "House on Haunted Hill" with the gentleman villain Vincent Price (1959), Vincent Price also starrs in the noir drama "Shock" (1946). Let's go on with the horror in "White Zombie" with Bela Lugosi (1932) and a delicate murder-mystery in "The Bat" (1959) with Vinent Price once again.

It's really simple. Just drop me an e-mail with "Movies" in the subject line to ingrid.sigfridsson(a)
That's it. No quiz, no duties - just a simple little e-mail.

Dead line for participation is January the 24th, so hurry up! The winner will be announced the next day on the blog and will be noified by e-mail and asked to send the address.
I do ship worldwide!

Don't forget to read my movie column Miss Wink's Cinematique in Fräuleinwunder Magazine!

A little note: all movies are on original DVD region 2 execpt "Fallen Angel" which is region 1. Be sure that you are able to play those regions on your player or computer.
All movies are in english spoken language with no subtitles except "Fallen Angel" which got english and spanish subtitles.

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fröken lila sa...

ohh, i really do need to get the magazine. i'm german so it shouldn't be too much of a problem for me who is a little fräulein lila anyways =)