måndag 2 februari 2009

A little bit of everything

So, what's new?
Well, I decided to spice up my life and went to my favourite studio to get a Monroe piercing. It turned out wonderfully cute and I love it!
Now I want to find a proper labret with a little diamond to wear.

I had a weird dream where I got "Miss Wink" tattooed on my toes, like when people have words on their knuckles. What could that dream mean? Any ideas?

And just to make the temperature rise a bit..here's a little treat: Leyla Rose!

2 kommentarer:

Mrs Munster sa...

Your new piercing sound awesome. Hope you'd post a photo of it :) Layla Rose is stunning.

Little Rascal sa...

I can't wait to see it darling!
I bet you look sexay!