fredag 27 februari 2009

Tattoo time again!

So, yesterday I had another session at Swahili Bob's Tattoo Parlour and my lovely PTA (Personal Tattoo Artist) Roger.
Beware, my arm is swollen like a Saucisson Sen!


It says "Mother" and "Father" and is a celebration for my wonderful parents who's always been there for me.

6 kommentarer:

Little Rascal sa...

Ohhh, naaajs!

Mrs Munster sa...

Stunning tattoo with fantastic shadings. I like it a lot! Does your "mamma och pappa gillar det"? (I'm not even sure whether that's spelt correctly. That's bad considering how many years I've studied Swedish at school!)

Miss Wink sa...

Rascal: Thank you!

Mrs Munster: My father has seen it and liked it alot :) (and yes, you spelled it prefectly!)

Zizzi sa...

Lovely tattoo! Very nice!

DevilDoll sa...

Beautiful work!

Anonym sa...

Unfortunately in italian "pappa" means "food"...............if you're talking about the word "father" you had to write "papà" not "pappa" :) fail!!