fredag 27 mars 2009

Watch out for those curves!

I celebrate the upcoming weekend with some new pictures of my favourite plus size pinup Natalie (who model for Pinupgirl Clothing).
She's just gorgeous!
Please, take a look at her site and add her on Myspace. She's a total doll and deserves to be the next great name on the pinup billboard!

onsdag 25 mars 2009


Heartbreaker Fashion has great new stuff coming out! Some of it avaliable in size 2X, but you know what Miss Wink thinks....why not all of it? And even larger, please!

måndag 23 mars 2009

Pee-Wee Herman, eat your heart out!

This is my dream-bike, an Electra Gigi cruiser!
The colours are so pretty and I love the little basket and that the bike has a parcel carrier too (great for shopping).
I'm turning 30 in about a month. Hopefully I will cruise around town on this beauty then.....*keeping fingers crossed*

fredag 20 mars 2009

To buy or not?

Alright kids, Miss Wink needs some advice here!

I have found a dress at B&Lu.
At first sight I loved it, the cut and the colours is really flattering and I imagine wearing it with a pair of black wedges with peeptoe.
But now I have second thoughts - maybe it's frumpy or too granny-like?
I know you all have excellent taste, so what do you think?

torsdag 19 mars 2009

Benington, I love you even more

Please take a look at this page and this, simply wonderful photographs by Chris Howe of the landscape around the beautiful village Benington in Hertfordshire, England.


The spring has finally come to Sweden's middle part (that sounded a little bit dirty, didn't it?) so I celebrated the sunny weather with a stack of pancakes with maple syrup.
Now I'm going to eventually make some bracelets and then watch a movie or two.
Have a lovely day!

tisdag 17 mars 2009

Happy Birthday, Viggo!

It's Viggo's 1 year birthday today!

My precious little friend turned from this little 4 week old puppy..... this handsome young boy.... an overload of cuteness.... a big guy!

måndag 16 mars 2009

Viva la Mexico!

One of my favourite sources for weird, wonderful cult film in Sweden is closing down.
Strange Things has been a faithful friend since 2001 and I'm not the only one who's sad to see it go.
BUT on the brighter side... ST is having a 40% off almost everyhting sale now!
I went nuts in the Mexican section and got:

Satanico pandemonium 1975 (basically about a innocent and shy nun who turns into a devil-worshipping sex maniac. Self-flagellation, hallucination, lesbian seduction and much more!)

Tívoli 1975 (colorful cult drama/comedy about a mexican nightclub and burlesque theatre in
the 1950's. Dancing roosters, mambo music, evil villains, sexy strippers - what more could you ask for?)

El Barón del terror 1962 (In 1661, Baron Vitelius stands accused of consorting with the devil. The penalty: death. Cursing his inquisitors as they burn him at the stake, the Baron’s revenge comes 300 years later, in the form of a horrifying fork-tongued incarnation of the Baron, eating the brains out of people. As bodies pile up, the police become mystified. Who is draining the skulls of local call-girls ? And, more importantly, how many flamethrowers will it take to stop him? This is a cult movie-gold!)

I love these posters!

The Aztec Mummy Collection 1957-1958 (Shot on location at the pyramids in Teotihuacán, this one-of-a-kind triology about a mad professor who has invented a way of making people remembering their past lives. His girlfriend voluntary takes part in a experiment that goes horribly wrong. From here we get human sacrifices, the arch-enemy The Bat, robots (!!), treasure hunting, kidnappings, the evil Dr. Krupp, pyramids, hypnosis, mummys..... this goes on in 3 full-lengt movies!)

söndag 15 mars 2009

Benington, I love you

Since I just came out of the closet as an anglophile in this entry I might as well keep ranting about my love for the United Kingdom, right?

My best girl Little Rascal just wrote this about the village Benington.
Take a look at those pictures, isn't it just beautiful?
A duck pond (and the sign!), a pink cottage, the old church..They even got a castle built in late 11th century. I'm beyond excitement, I need to go there. Now.
Where have you been all my life, Benington?
I wonder if I can apply for an honorary Benington Village citizenship?
Yes, I'm dead serious.

fredag 13 mars 2009

Welcome, weekend

I'm so glad it's Friday! This week has been a sligth piece of hell; loads of things to do, meetings to attend, projects to finish... Today I also did my weekly grocery shopping, cleaned the house, did all the laundry and gave the dogs a bath. Just to clear my to-do-list completely.
So I most welcome this weekend!

I will spend it on my sofa with a huge pack of crime novels and a plate of fresh strawberries. What are you up to this weekend?

tisdag 10 mars 2009

Dismantled Fashions goes larger

Good news: Dismantled Fashions' skirts is now avaliable in size 3X!
And I hear rumours that dresses will be soon too....

lördag 7 mars 2009

I want to be an English rose..

Tonight I dreamt that I took my doggies and moved to a little cottage somewhere in England. I guess I have spent too many evenings watching Midsomer Murders and reading PG Wodehouse novels....

Anyway, I'm quite obsessed with England. Some of it comes from my childhood when my mother traveled to England and Ireland several times a year and alway brought home wonderful things and stories about people she had met and still are close friends with.

I also watched alot of british movies and tv series as Jeeves & Wooster and House of Elliot. I wallowed in books like the Jill books by Ruby Ferguson and everything written by Enid Blython.
Basically, I was an anglophile at an early age!

Sometimes I think would do anything to get to live in a nice little house in a picturesque little village, attending church bazaars arranged for raising money for a new chuch bell, selling cookies and jam, take the bicycle down to the farm to buy fresh eggs and milk...
I want to live around lemon curd, tea pots, green moors and fields, tweed jackets, red phone booths and sheep. I want to solve crosswords sitting by the fireplace, having my dogs around my feet in my cosy livingroom that's full of pillows, flowers and books.
I want to take long walks with the dogs, pick flowers and talk to the nice old lady down at the milk store. And of course loads of fun, gossiping and adventures with Rascal!

Yes I'm a romantic dreamer, I'm so well aware of that.
But I'm enjoying my dreams...

torsdag 5 mars 2009


Newsflash: I'm going to Tokyo!
Yes, in October Japan's capital city will have it's fair share of Miss Wink. I'm excited beyond belief!
I got millions things I want to do there: check out the crazy rockabilly kids in Yoyogi park, go shopping for cool figurines of 60's and 70's action figures like Ultraman, Inazuman, Kamen Rider (my favourite) and Kikaida, shop even more for outrageous things, look at the view from Tokyo Tower, take a day-trip to the beautiful Mount Fuji, eat really good noodles and so much more.
I guess I won't find so much plus size clothes there, but I'm sure I'll not come home with empty suitcases....

Here is the intro to Kamen Rider V3. I love the theme song!

tisdag 3 mars 2009

The story behind the wink

So, I'm not updating very much at the moment. Has Miss Wink been buried?
Not at all, I can assure you!
I'm just very busy with lots of things at the moment and also has a slight feeling of discomfort about myself. Nothing to worry about, it's just a phaze of unavoidable (female)..things.

Someone asked me the other day why I write under the name Miss Wink?
Well, it's mainly for two reasons:
1. I love to flirt. Alot! Everything gets so much more fun with a innocent little wink and and a smile.
2. I have always loved the playful covers of the magazine "Wink". You can see more here!

söndag 1 mars 2009

Love, love, love

Today it's all about love.. Motown style. Enjoy!
This goes out to someone special.