fredag 20 mars 2009

To buy or not?

Alright kids, Miss Wink needs some advice here!

I have found a dress at B&Lu.
At first sight I loved it, the cut and the colours is really flattering and I imagine wearing it with a pair of black wedges with peeptoe.
But now I have second thoughts - maybe it's frumpy or too granny-like?
I know you all have excellent taste, so what do you think?

4 kommentarer:

Heather sa...

buy it! I think it owuld look very flattering, that kind of cut of dress looks flattering on most. And i love the print!

Miss Wink sa...

Heather: You are such a gem!
The print IS lovely, isn't it? I think I'll buy it.... :))

Annie S sa...

Looks great, I think you should buy it! :)

boldaslove sa...

I think you should buy it too! Very cute!