lördag 7 mars 2009

I want to be an English rose..

Tonight I dreamt that I took my doggies and moved to a little cottage somewhere in England. I guess I have spent too many evenings watching Midsomer Murders and reading PG Wodehouse novels....

Anyway, I'm quite obsessed with England. Some of it comes from my childhood when my mother traveled to England and Ireland several times a year and alway brought home wonderful things and stories about people she had met and still are close friends with.

I also watched alot of british movies and tv series as Jeeves & Wooster and House of Elliot. I wallowed in books like the Jill books by Ruby Ferguson and everything written by Enid Blython.
Basically, I was an anglophile at an early age!

Sometimes I think would do anything to get to live in a nice little house in a picturesque little village, attending church bazaars arranged for raising money for a new chuch bell, selling cookies and jam, take the bicycle down to the farm to buy fresh eggs and milk...
I want to live around lemon curd, tea pots, green moors and fields, tweed jackets, red phone booths and sheep. I want to solve crosswords sitting by the fireplace, having my dogs around my feet in my cosy livingroom that's full of pillows, flowers and books.
I want to take long walks with the dogs, pick flowers and talk to the nice old lady down at the milk store. And of course loads of fun, gossiping and adventures with Rascal!

Yes I'm a romantic dreamer, I'm so well aware of that.
But I'm enjoying my dreams...

2 kommentarer:

Brook sa...

Beautiful photos!

Little Rascal sa...

We have now started to play on the lottery.
I play around with thoughts, me and Mark moving to an old big house with an annex/guest house (where you would stay) and we have chickens and we bake and breed terriers and sip Bailys by the fire in the evenings.
(And Mark play around with thought about something else... ha ha ha)