måndag 16 mars 2009

Viva la Mexico!

One of my favourite sources for weird, wonderful cult film in Sweden is closing down.
Strange Things has been a faithful friend since 2001 and I'm not the only one who's sad to see it go.
BUT on the brighter side... ST is having a 40% off almost everyhting sale now!
I went nuts in the Mexican section and got:

Satanico pandemonium 1975 (basically about a innocent and shy nun who turns into a devil-worshipping sex maniac. Self-flagellation, hallucination, lesbian seduction and much more!)

Tívoli 1975 (colorful cult drama/comedy about a mexican nightclub and burlesque theatre in
the 1950's. Dancing roosters, mambo music, evil villains, sexy strippers - what more could you ask for?)

El Barón del terror 1962 (In 1661, Baron Vitelius stands accused of consorting with the devil. The penalty: death. Cursing his inquisitors as they burn him at the stake, the Baron’s revenge comes 300 years later, in the form of a horrifying fork-tongued incarnation of the Baron, eating the brains out of people. As bodies pile up, the police become mystified. Who is draining the skulls of local call-girls ? And, more importantly, how many flamethrowers will it take to stop him? This is a cult movie-gold!)

I love these posters!

The Aztec Mummy Collection 1957-1958 (Shot on location at the pyramids in Teotihuacán, this one-of-a-kind triology about a mad professor who has invented a way of making people remembering their past lives. His girlfriend voluntary takes part in a experiment that goes horribly wrong. From here we get human sacrifices, the arch-enemy The Bat, robots (!!), treasure hunting, kidnappings, the evil Dr. Krupp, pyramids, hypnosis, mummys..... this goes on in 3 full-lengt movies!)

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