onsdag 29 april 2009

Fala's collar

Read the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum's biography of Fala here.


President Roosevelt and his precious scottie Fala at office.

Mrs. Roosevelt

måndag 27 april 2009

Leopard and polka dots

A tip-off for all you rockin' swedish curvy gals out there: Lindex is now selling leopard leggings in sizes up to 2X!

And don't forget to stock up on this baby; a wonderful comfy polka dot top - in up to size 3X!
Avaliable in green, red and navy blue.

onsdag 22 april 2009

New bag (like I needed another one...)

Got this very cute bowling bag from Collectif today, it was on sale.
You can't go wrong with sugar skulls!

måndag 20 april 2009

The public has spoken....and I agree

So, guess what? A decision has been made...
I'm getting a Betty cruiser!
I loved the blue Gigi, but I guess I still have a significant percent of punk rock from my long lost wild youth in my blood so I just can't resist anything black with pink flames on...

fredag 17 april 2009

Good girl or bad girl? Have your say!

So, as I told you about here my birthday is coming up soon and my family want to get me a cruiser bike. Yay!
At first I fell in love with the Electra Gigi which is a total dream with it's art deco pattern, white string basket an cute wheels.
But now I have a new love, the Electra Betty!
She's a more punk rock nightmare in black and pink with pink flames and tassles. I'ts more of a bad girl bike..and I sure love that!
It's easier to accessorize Betty since she's got no basket, horn or rear rack. It's fun to buy cool stuff to your bike and you can make it look exactly like you want it.

So, what do you think?
The 50's sweet-girl- next-door bike or the bad-girl-on-the-loose bike? I love them both!

Greatest love story ever told

So I might be a year or two behind everyone but I have to write a little something about this little gem called "The Notebook", based on the novel by Nicholas Sparks.
Being the hopeless romantic I am this is right up my alley! Wonderful 40's scenery (I want every clothing item I saw), drama, the South, WW2 and love with a capital L.....
Ryan Gosling as Noah qualifies to my Top 5 list of "Men who look amazing in vintage workwear (never has a baggy peaked cap looked so good..).
Yes, I cried. Several times.
And I enjoyed every second of it!

For my fellow movie geeks I have to say that the US Region 1 edition I got has the far best extras and image quality, but any edition will do.

torsdag 16 april 2009

Scotties vs curves

Little Rascal sent me this cute picture.

söndag 12 april 2009

He made it!

I'm beyond myself by excitement at the moment...
Yesterday my scottie Viggo made his debut in the show ring at Stockholm International Dog Show. And guess what?
He got his first certificate and became best male scottie and runner up for best in breed (Best of Opposite Sex), beaten by his mom who became a Champion today! My little boy, just a year old....
He got a whole bunch of nice prices and a goblet for his certificate.
I'm so proud of him!

måndag 6 april 2009

Spring-cleaning in the closet

Today I have been busy cleaning out my closet!
That was hard work.... What to keep? Throw away? Give to charity?
In the end it turned out to be aprox. 65% keeping, 25% to charity and 10% went to the trash bin. I'm quite happy with the result since I usually have a very hard time letting go of things. I even got rid of the holy grail of fashion: shoes! THAT hurt..but in the other hand, now I have room for more lovelies.

Now I'm gonna make some necklaces while I watch a zombie movie or two.

(Oh, by the way! I know some dear friends and family haven't been able to comment on Miss Wink. Hopefully I have made it possible now.
Just click on "Comments" and then choose "Namn/URL" and click it. Just fill in your name (the website is not necessary) and write your comment. I hope this works for you!)

söndag 5 april 2009

Those were the days

A wonderful little film I just found about Sweden in the 50's, made by an American company.

fredag 3 april 2009

Finally Friday!

I'm making a paella that smells wonderful and I think I'll open a bottle of red wine....
Play nice now, kids!

A comment about the whole housewife thing...

Oh boy! My last entry about the housewives really made people talk... It's like I said, it's one of the most provoking subjects now.
I really dislike the fact that some people think that the idea of a housewife is some romantic vintage-girl dream. Nothing could be more wrong! How naive do you think I am?
And of course I don't want women to be dependent on men (in my book it's quite the opposite..).

It's just so frustrated that some people is unwilling to see the possiblities to make everyone happy. Why not a government grant/salary for the women who choose to stay at home? That will secure their pension.

Some readers also trew a fit about the women who stays at home won't have a resume etc.
Why wouldn't they?
What stops them from taking classes, having a smaller business and so on?
The comment about "good luck to support a family with kids on one salary" is just ridicilous. I wrote about how mad I am about the fact that a family can't be supported on one salary. Why? Because things are waaay too expensive now, people don't know how to fix and trix, the economy is blown up on credits and we pay too much for our things.
Please, people! Don't you realize that the whole world needs to slow down?

(Kikkans post about Rascal's comment being musty and heteronormative is just hilarious. I so sick and tired of people getting spastic whenever someone shows an opinion that's not cut and pasted out of Politically Correct ABC..)

torsdag 2 april 2009

Put pride back in the housewife!

I've come to realize that one of the most provoking things you can say nowadays is "I want to be a housewife".
Why is that?
So many things associated with the classic image of a housewife is like waving a red picece of cloth in front of an angry bull. For example: a couple of days ago I spoke with a woman at work about cooking. I said I always make my own meatballs instead of buying that awful ready-made stuff you can pick up at the grocery store.
"Why?" she asked me and looked like I have said something very inappropriate.
"Because they taste a millions times better, I know exactly what's in them, there is no chemical additives and I really like making the things I eat by my self. That goes for almost everything."

She gasped and said that I sounded like her grandmother (a compliment, from my point of view) and that she couldn't understand why such a young person as me was willing to waste so much time on simple things like cooking...

When I tell people I use old-fashioned soft soap to clean the house with instead of modern cleaning agents they think I'm nuts. "It can NOT get clean with just that!".
Yes, it gets very clean and smells wonderful.
I do what I have learned from my mother and what she learned from her mother.
Nothing would make me happier if I was able to be a housewife and take care of everything at home, feeling proud of my work and having dinner ready when my husband comes home from work. I would't feel less valuable or subdued as a human being or as a woman! Why would I?

Women nowadays is overworked and exhaused from the constant preassure from the culture we live in.
Have a career! Shop expensive brands! Live in a never-ending hamster wheel that goes faster and faster! Eat processed food that makes you tired and sick! Be mother of the year! Live up to people expectations!
All at once....and the gastric ulcer arrives at your doorstep.
We eat fast food, have cell phones, trying to do things as effective as possible and yet we do not have time for anything valuable.

Why can't we get back to when people KNEW how to cook good food, took pride in having knowledge in housekeeping, made do and mend and had time for their children and each other?
Why can't it be a natural thing that the whole family always have dinner together the same time everyday? And why can't a family have a good living on one salaray these days?

I don't mean to sound like a member of the Christian right-wing.. I just think that regularity don't necessarily need to be a bad thing?
Why can't we appreciate the little things in life? Having a picnic with the family, going to the movies, watching little Mickeys football-game...
Sure there were plenty of unhappy housewives on tranquilizers in the 40's and 50's but times are different now. You can have tattoos and go to punk rock concerts even if you are a mother and housekeeper!
And housewifery is not for everyone, I understand that. But why is it so taboo these days to even talk about this subject?

Maybe I'm just babble and can't really focus here, but maybe you get a little hint of what I mean.
I can assure you that this will not be the last post on the subject!
Until next time, be sure to visit The Vintage Housewife blog and Retro Housewife.