måndag 6 april 2009

Spring-cleaning in the closet

Today I have been busy cleaning out my closet!
That was hard work.... What to keep? Throw away? Give to charity?
In the end it turned out to be aprox. 65% keeping, 25% to charity and 10% went to the trash bin. I'm quite happy with the result since I usually have a very hard time letting go of things. I even got rid of the holy grail of fashion: shoes! THAT hurt..but in the other hand, now I have room for more lovelies.

Now I'm gonna make some necklaces while I watch a zombie movie or two.

(Oh, by the way! I know some dear friends and family haven't been able to comment on Miss Wink. Hopefully I have made it possible now.
Just click on "Comments" and then choose "Namn/URL" and click it. Just fill in your name (the website is not necessary) and write your comment. I hope this works for you!)

6 kommentarer:

Zizzi sa...

I have to clean my closet as well! Perhaps try everything on, to see how I feel in my clothes, and how they fit.

Brook sa...

Oh I hate giving my stuff away.... Im horrible like that!

Little Rascal sa...

Good girl!
You better make room for the sick amount of stuff you might get when you're over here. :)

Rosina Lee sa...

I did the same with my closets the other week, I put them in bags to go and then caught myself looking trough them again....sigh, I have tagged you for '7 things you may not know about me'. Sorry if you have done it before!

Sandy likes retro sa...

You have a lovely blog! =)

Allen Techs sa...

Cleaning your closet means getting rid of stuffs that you don't need anymore. With such stuffs you have some options whether to sell them, donate them to charities or keep them in your storage room.