torsdag 7 maj 2009

Guilty pleasures - I know you have them too!

This entry is completly non-retro related..I'm just bored and have nothing better to do.

A list of a few of my guilty pleasures:

- I wear black leggings at home because it's so comfortable.
- The 15 year old girl in me is madly in love with the vampire Edward from the movie "Twilight" (ouch! that one hurt to confess!)
- I sometimes have taco sauce on my cheese sandwiches
- I still dust off and listen to a lot of bands I used to love during my goth-years in high school

I know I got a lot more, but what about you? Let's bring out the dirt!

2 kommentarer:


Don't worry, your not the only one swooning for Edward!!!

Anonym sa...

I wear leggings around the house too...