måndag 25 maj 2009

Open letter to Daisy Dapper

Today I'm writing an open letter to the store Daisy Dapper. I decided to make it public for several reasons but mainly because it's very friendly and is something of a wish list.

"Dear Daisy Dapper,

ever since your store opend I've seen your stock getting bigger and better. You carry lovely hair bows, bags, swim suits, dresses and a million little tasty treats. The webstore is cute, the psysical store is beyond pretty.
You're updating your blog with new things in stock and pictures from the store that makes me wanna spend every single penny I got there.
But I got one huge issue that's bugging me: larger sizes.
The lack of size options is not ok for me. I want to be able to support DD and buy clothes there too, not just knick-knack and accessories.

I know that some of the dresses you sell are being in size 2X, the same goes for tops and skirts. There are great designers out there that make wonderful clothes in larger sizes, like Dismantled Fashions (that girl deserves a european distributor!) or Heartbreaker Fashion.

Running a store is a very hard and demanding job and I admire everyone who's brave enough to do that. You can't please everyone and it's costly to buy things to the store.
But please, Daisy Dapper - keep us curvies in mind. Don't forget about us and let us have the opportunity to love you even more!
xoxox/Miss Wink"

8 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

Aw, thanks for that shout out darling!! That site is simply to die for. Maybe they'll take up that hint haha!

Miss Wink sa...

Emily, I'll name my first-born after you since the clothes you make are so fantastic :)

Poke Salad Annie sa...

thanks for posting the large size links, i'm gonna check those out!

Sandy likes retro sa...

Sv: Ja, visst fanns det en handling! Men tyckte att allt satte igång så fort =P Ingen längre inledning till varför allt var som det var, även om man fick reda på det ändå. Men tyckte att filmen var väldigt bra och mysig =)

Aurélie Muller sa...

thank you thank you !

Marie Reed sa...

Amen! My big bottom needs to fit into fabulous clothes too!

Nostalchic sa...

Jag håller med dig, jag skriver gärna under på allt du säger.

Daisy dapper sa...

Hej Vännen!
Vilket rart öppet brev som du skrivit om Daisy dapper.
Vad roligt att du gillar vår webshop och butik.
Självfallet så kommer sortimentet utökas och förändras med tiden.
Vi tar till oss det du säger och kommer framöver även att ta hem större storlekar. Vi är tacksamma att få höra synpynkter :)

Ha en fin dag!
Hälsningar Matilda
Daisy dapper