torsdag 14 maj 2009

To kill time

I got tagged by Jodine.

The rules are: 1. Answer the questions on your blog 2. Take away one question you don't like and add a new one. 3. Tag 8 other people
(I choose not to tag anyone but challenge anyone who's up for it!)

1. Which perfume do you use? - For weekdays, usually none. For weekends, sometimes a drop of Christina Aguilera's.

2. Song of the day? - Anything by Divine Comedy!

3. What's for dinner today? - There might be chicken- and avocado salad.

4. Today's highlight? - I got myself a gym membership! Yes, I'm as shocked as you...

5. What whould you really like to learn? - I would like to learn spanish and french, to sew better and to get pass my writer's block so I can finish that novel I have in my head.

6. What was the last thing you bought? - A bunch of bananas.

7. what's your favourite animal? -Dogs.

8. What's your most important goal at the moment? - Get in better shape and to spend alot of time with my family this summer, and to visit my Rascal in june.

9. What do you think of the person who tagged you? - Seems to be a very nice person.

10. What's the colour of your eyes? -Dark brown.

11. If you could change something with yourself, what would that be? - Beside getting in better shape, I would like to be more collected and be able to finish my projects instead of just startinh new ones..

12. If you could be anywhere in the world for the next hours, where would that be? -London to meet up with Rascal or San Francisco just to feel at home (love love love that city!).

13. What do you find important with your friends? - That they like me the way I am amd not for what they think I should be.

14. What are you doing this summer? - Working, excerise, going to England in June, play with my dogs and swim alot.

15. What's your dreamjob? -I got so many! I want to be a writer, run a classic 50's diner, be a self employed accessorie-maker, house-wife...

16. What's your favourite piece in your wardrobe? - My marine blue 1940's dress with white polka dots.

17. Do you have any favourite models? - Natalie who model for Pinupgirl Clothing.

18. 3 things that make you smile -1. When my scottie dog does something cute, which is basically all the time..
2. When I have a busy morning and both my makeup and my hair cooperate just fine and turn out great.
3. When someting really good happens in the world, like when the European Union recently decided to ban trading with seal skin products (which hopefully will end the seal slaughter i Canada).

19. What will you do when you have finished this? - Check my mail box, then take my bike to the library.

20. What's your least favourite thing to do on a saturday? -Be at a club or a crowded bar. I'm not a club girl at all.

21. what are you wearing at the moment? - Black tights, black top with 3/4 sleeves and a dark blue skirt with peonies on.

22. What's your favourite sweets? - Chocolate. Oh, chocolate.....

23. who's your role model for style? - 40's and 50's women in generally, pinups.

24. What was the last film you saw? -Clerks II. Hillarous!

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