torsdag 21 maj 2009

Why make large clothes ugly?

Alright, it's about time for another rant!

I'm so sick and tired of bad design, dressmaking and tailoring. Especially when it comes to plus sizes. Why should the larger ladies settle with the second or third best? And WHY all the baggy designs with weird seams and "cute" prints (flowers, always flowers....)?
Look at this example. It says alot about the problem I talk about.

Lindex, a huge chain of fashion stores, has a lot of hawaii-inspired items at the moment. In their "normal" section (size extra small to large) they have this cute dress. High waist, fun details and nice, flattering fit. A great summer dress.

In their plus size section (sizes large to 3XL) they have this dress. It's the same fabric and is the larger version of the dress above. Yet, it's not the same dress at all. Look at the waist! Baggy, frumpy model, short sleeves with elastic band (why?!) and not low cut at all (why would a fat girl wanna show some cleavage...). It's just horrible.

Why couldn't they just make the same cute dress in larger sizes?
I feel like starting a riot...

6 kommentarer:

Anonym sa...

I completely agree! That's why I do the same styles in all sizes :)

Little Rascal sa...

Uhhh, that's terrible.
Just because you're bigger you have to look like grandma?

Anna sa...

Please do! Start a riot, I mean.
It's about time!

Mari sa...

I agree! That "normal" dress would be perfect also in larger sizes. And that plus size dress... just awful.

Annie S sa...

I agree! Do companies think that larger people are ashamed of themselves and want to cover themselves up? No wonder people have trouble with being proud of who they are and what they look like!

Nostalchic sa...

Jag håller helt med, nu får det vara nog, hur svårt är det att göra kläderna större i samma modeller. SKÄMMES borde dom göra.KRAM!