onsdag 10 juni 2009

Vamos a matar, compañeros!

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, I watch ALOT of spaghetti westerns at the moment. Italy was a goldmine in the 60's and 70's and I can't go on without showing you the trailer for the one I watched a few days ago: "Vamos a matar, compañeros" (1970) by Sergie Corbucci.
This must be the ultimate spaghetti western, it got it all!

A crazy swede (!) played by Franco Nero ( the manliest man who's appeard on the silver screen, I say) who travels around and sells weapon and dynamite to the highest bidder, the mexcian revolution, blowing up a bridge, gun fights, duels, beautiful women, hangings, unlikely friendships, Jack Palance as a marijuana-crazed psychopat who's got a artificial hand and a pet falk, cunning plans, hijacking a train, escapes - the list could go on forever.
And an unforgetable score by Ennio Morricone. Just listen to the song in the trailer!

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Test Chimp 48 sa...

You're a curvaceous vixen AND you love Spaghetti Westerns?? Oh what a dreamboat...my heart is now yours! Discovered you quite by accident and absolutely adore your blog! I tells ya sister a dame like you and a mug like me could really go places. When you get tired of slinging hash in this joint, drop on by little cabana called MONKEYS HAUNT MY DREAMS (http://hauntedbymonkeys.blogspot.com/) and say hiya! You made a true fan today.
PS. If you want some really rare Spaghetti Westerns try here- CINEMAGEDDON (http://cinemageddon.org/doku/doku.php/projects) It's a wonderful download site for all things obscure and crazy. Anyone can join and you won't be sorry, trust me. I've been a member for quite awhile so ask me if you need any help understanding how it works!
PPS. Franco Nero is the coolest!!!!

Test Chimp 48 sa...

One more thing another Corbucci that is one of my favorites is Il Grande Silenzio (The Great Silence) starring Jean-Louis Trintignant(oh baby!) & crazy monkey Klaus Kinski. Incredibly bleak and stylish- this trailer doesn't do it justice. You must check it out.
The trailer is here: