tisdag 28 juli 2009

Viggo's new friend

We went to visit our dear friends at kennel Tintavon's yesterday and Viggo found a new friend, the tibetanian terrier Jeremias.
The boys played in the garden all afternoon and Viggo didn't want to go home.. Aren't they the cutest?

tisdag 21 juli 2009

Giveaway at Dismantled Fashions

Don't miss the fabolous giveaway at Dismantled Fashions this month.

"The winner of this giveaway will receive the two clutch zipper pouches below, plus they'll be chock full of goodies. Little accessories, random fun things, -and- a ton of Dismantled Fashions coupons! Some for the website, some for the Etsy shop, all with discounts ranging from 10% - 20% off!"

Miss Emily who runs Dismantled is a real sweetheart and I have written about her amazing line of clothes several times. Go check out her stuff in the shop or on Etsy, you'll love them!

söndag 19 juli 2009

Pretty PJ

Hot Couture is now offering a retro inspired PJ set and I love it! Size XS to 2X (why not 3X like all the other wonderful clothes they make, I wonder?) and in pink, red or turqoise - all with white polkadots.
I want one soooo bad...

Please click for larger picture.

tisdag 14 juli 2009

No phone, no stress

My cellphone died today. And guess what? I'm not upset at all. It's quite relieving not being avaliable all the time! I got a stationary phone at my house and e-mail. To be honest, that's enough for me.
I'm not too sure I will get a new cellphone, at least not immediately.
Maybe it would be healthy for all of us to learn to not be accessible every moment? We managed before....

lördag 11 juli 2009

Scottie tattoo?

My poor arm is so swollen I can't take a decent picture yet, but it will come one as soon as I don't look like I have been sleeping in a bee's nest. But the tattoo turned out great (it's a zombie pinup with roses and leafs) and we will be adding colour in about a month.

I have already thought out my next project, since I discovered an empty space on the back of my arm. It's a sort of strange V-shape. What could I possibly fit in there?
And then it struck me; a scottie of course!
A kind of cartoonish scottie, maybe from an ad or holiday card. So I went out and looked for vintage pictures and paintings of scotties and found millions. Here is a few of the ones I consider to tattoo or use as inspiration.

fredag 10 juli 2009

1940's hair tutorial

This is a great tutorial video made by the lovely Fluer how to make an easy 1940's hairdo with hot sticks quite easy. Enjoy!

onsdag 8 juli 2009

Off to the saloon..

I'm off soon to get tattooed again (I'll post pictures as soon as it's done). While I'm under the needle you'll be entertained by my lovely summer-boys! See you very soon!

söndag 5 juli 2009

Dipping and bargains

Had a field day yesterday! First, a long walk and taking a swim at some cliffs early in the morning.
Then I discovered that there will be a car booth sale every Saturday the whole summer just a few steps from my door. Yay!

Find a couple of vinyls for only 10 SEK/1 Euro/$1,25 each. Three Divine ( I'm adore him and John Waters) and the soundtrack to "Some Like It Hot", all in excellent condition.

torsdag 2 juli 2009

Hot Couture - hottest gals in town

I recently stumbled upon a new little goldmine with large size retro inspired clothing and oh my, you are in for a real treat here!
Hot Couture is a small Australian brand with gorgeous dresses. They also carry suspenders, petticoats and belts.

They carry sizes from XS to 3X (thank you!) and most clothes are avaliable in several mouth-watering fabrics like polka dots in various colours, apple green check, pink cherries...I could go on forever.
Hot Couture has also chosen to use models of all shapes and sizes, something we are not spoiled with on a every-day basis.

So check out Hot Couture and let them know we love them!