tisdag 14 juli 2009

No phone, no stress

My cellphone died today. And guess what? I'm not upset at all. It's quite relieving not being avaliable all the time! I got a stationary phone at my house and e-mail. To be honest, that's enough for me.
I'm not too sure I will get a new cellphone, at least not immediately.
Maybe it would be healthy for all of us to learn to not be accessible every moment? We managed before....

2 kommentarer:

Poke Salad Annie sa...

it's so true. we forget what it was like when we weren't constantly on call. it makes a huge difference when you don't have a cell, gives you time to just be. (that being said, i don't go anywhere without mine, but i really should :)

Jana sa...

cute blog, love what you have to say about todays housewife, people always think I am crazy for spending time with my kids...why else do we have them? and I LOVE to feed my hubby!!!