lördag 11 juli 2009

Scottie tattoo?

My poor arm is so swollen I can't take a decent picture yet, but it will come one as soon as I don't look like I have been sleeping in a bee's nest. But the tattoo turned out great (it's a zombie pinup with roses and leafs) and we will be adding colour in about a month.

I have already thought out my next project, since I discovered an empty space on the back of my arm. It's a sort of strange V-shape. What could I possibly fit in there?
And then it struck me; a scottie of course!
A kind of cartoonish scottie, maybe from an ad or holiday card. So I went out and looked for vintage pictures and paintings of scotties and found millions. Here is a few of the ones I consider to tattoo or use as inspiration.

2 kommentarer:

Abigail sa...

It's got to be a scottie sitting up on back legs!!

Little Rascal sa...

Va gulliga!