torsdag 20 augusti 2009

House dreams

I've found the cutest little red house that I want to set my domestic claws in!
3 rooms, kitchen and a beautiful garden with apple trees and raspberry bushes - perfect. It needs a little work, but I think that's half the point of having a house.

And it's a good reason to buy all those million nifty little things you've desired for so long... Like this "oh so necessary" leash holder....
To be honest, I'm so sick and tired of living in a block of flats. Half of the neighbours are crazy morons and the janitor is a animal-hating idiot that doesn't do his job (it hurts to pay the fee every month when he doesn't do what we pay for).
I love this part of town and we are fortune enough to have a 5 minute walk down town and 5 minute walk to the woods.

But there is too many things I don't like and I want some peace and quite and to have a garden for the dogs to run around in.
Now it's only a few obstacles that I need to take care of (like a unwilling man with absolutly no imagination at all) before I can get things moving around here.
Keep your fingers crossed please!

2 kommentarer:

Kitten sa...

Oh, how exiting! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you ;) Take care!

Little Rascal sa...

Ohh! Cute leach hanger!