torsdag 19 november 2009

Some Etsy tips

I'm so exhausted, starting my new job today and all. I just want to make a big cup of hot chocolate (which is exactly what I'm gonna do when I'm done writing this) and drape myself over the couch and watch something nice like Twin Peaks or True Blood.
But of course we have time to talk about fashion, right ladies?

Etsy is a marvelous place to find great plus size clothes on! Often you can have the items made after your own measurements too. Here is a couple of my current favourites:

VoodooLounge, avaliable in sizes small to 3X.

Smarmyclothes, custom made to any size

Queen Bee Luxuries, custom made to any size
This is just a tiny drop of everything wonderful that swims around in the big Etsy-pond. You can find anything there! And if not, just request it.

3 kommentarer:

any.anonymous.person sa...
check it out and help me on this project!!

Little Rascal sa...

Den oversta klanningen ar riktigt het.

Gulligt set. Vem kan motsta prickar och rosetter liksom? :)

Vad har du borjat jobba med? Ar jag senil eller ar detta nagot nytt sedan sist vi snackade?

Ha en fin helg gumman! <3

Anonym sa...

I love Etsy, far too much for my bank balance's comfort. Thanks for the tips.