torsdag 10 december 2009

Letter to Santa Claus

"Dear Santa,
by now you should be well aware of how much I love Christmas and all what it brings; candles, spices, family gatherings and snow.

I have been a very good girl this year, trying to do my best in every situation I find myself in and I belive I have managed quite well.
I have been a loving and supporting girlfriend, daughter, sister and friend, I have worked hard and taken care of my beloved dogs in all the best of ways.

So, if you think I deserve a little something this year... I would very much appreciate if you sent one of your little helpers down to Collectif to pick up something like this...
Thank you,
Miss Wink"

3 kommentarer:

Little Rascal sa...

Ja, fan, tomten, kom igen nu och ge Ingrid allt hon vill ha for hon ar varldens basta tjej!

Jag skulle inte ha nagot emot en broderimaskin som man kunde fixa o trixa med.

Miss Wink sa...

Awww, vad du är rar!!! :)

Ja, för helvete - såklart du ska ha en broderimaskin. Fatta vad man kunde gå loss med en sån?

Isabella sa...

Åh vilka tjusigheter!