lördag 2 januari 2010

What I Will Try To Achieve In 2010

* Work as much as possible with things I like, such as writing

* Visit Rascal Kosher again

* Keep a higher maintenance, wear red lipstick as often as possible and spoil myself more

* Do everything I can to keep healthy and excersise at least a couple of times a week

* Don't let some days pass just by without having done at least a few things I really enjoy, such as read a book, watch a movie or write something

* Be helpful to others and always be very polite (this is something I already am, but I want to keep myself that way). I think everything you do to others comes back to you.

* Try to be as honest and straight to myself as possible, do the right thing

* Get out more, meet people and don't be too self-conscious

3 kommentarer:

Zizzi sa...

Vilka bra löften!

Little Rascal sa...

Jag maste borja ta hand om mig sjalv, sminka mig mer osv.
Hade smink haromdagen for forsta gangen pa tva veckor, gjorde sa satans ont att ta bort det sa det far bli en vecka till utan smink. *suck*

Det blir losnaglar ikvall, den har gangen har jag ett battre lim. :))

Libby sa...

Låter som bra löften. Lycka till och God fortsättning!
PS. Vilka fina julkort med skottar, snyggaste julkortsinlägget!